Monday, August 13, 2012

Brittany Spears

Day 9: Nantes – Rennes
Time: 6:12:01
Distance: 123km
Average Speed 19.8 km/h

It was surprisingly easy to get out of Nantes. All I needed to do was take a straight road, a left and a right and I was on the way to Rennes. On the way I stopped in a town that decided it was a good idea to be twinned with Athlone. I stopped there in the Carrefour to buy food. At the checkout there was a terrible smell of sweat. I looked forward and it was coming from a man 2 metres away. I'd been on the bike for over 3 hours and he still smelled worse than me. He was buying 4 500g blocks of butter and a bottle of Pastis. I don't know if thats what caused him to smell so much. Anyway, after eating and having a beer outside I did another hour on the road. I stopped and put my hammock up beside a lake to take a quick snooze. I had good directions for my couchsurfing host Charles's house. He's a big fan of all things Celtic and had the flag of all the Celtic countries up on his wall.

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