Friday, August 3, 2012

Couchsurfing in Bordeaux

Day 4: Mimizan – Bordeaux
Time: 5:15:25
Distance: 105.9km
Average Speed 20.1 km/h

Today was the first day where I didn't get lost. For a change everything on the road went to plan. I made a route using google maps so getting into Bordeaux was reasonably easy. Most of the day was on flat straight roads into a slight headwind. I've started using some cycle lanes again too but only the ones next to the main road. Tonight I couchsurfed with a Belgian Tibo and another cyclist Marcel. He is cycling from Santiago back to his home in Munich in Germany and is couchsurfing with Tibo also. At night we took a cycle around the city and later met the local couchsurfing group on their weekly meeting for a beer.

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