Monday, August 13, 2012

Fruit Trees and Castles

Day 10: Rennes – Granville
Time: 7:23:54
Distance: 139.52km
Average Speed 18.8 km/h

I spent the morning exploring Rennes. The city has a lot of old buildings and cobbled streets. After a short while on the road North there are a lot of trees with mirabelle plums growing by the roadside so I stopped once or twice to eat. I again bought my food in Carrefour and ate in the village park of Antrain. 2 old women were asking me about my trip. I did my best to reply in my rubbish French and I think they got the gist of it. There was free fruit in this park too. This time it was apples.
My host from last night Charles told me that I should try to see Mont Saint Michel as it was in the general direction of Granville and it wouldn't add many more km's to the journey. Mont Saint Michel is one of the biggest tourist attractions in France and around 3 million people per year visit. I tried to cycle out all the way to the castle but I was stopped by the police since it can only be reached either on foot or by bus. I left and continued for another few hours over pretty hilly roads before eventually arriving in the town of Granville. I made my way to my host Steven's house where we drank expensive Belgian beer and Scotch Whisky.

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