Monday, August 13, 2012


Day 11: Granville – Cherbourg
Time: 5:47:57
Distance: 109.5 km
Average Speed 18.8 km/h

The last day of the trip. I cycled up and down small hills all day. After 11 days I can wake up in the morning without needing to do 100km on a bike. As soon as I arrived at my hostel in Cherbourg I met an Irish couple that had been cycling around Brittany for the last 2 weeks. I ended up taking the boat to Ireland with them the next day. An Albanian with a perfect Dublin accent that I met on he boat drove me up to the train station in Dublin the next day. With 5 minutes to spare I made the train to Mullingar so I was back in time to see my first Multy GAA game in 2 years.

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