Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weather For Frogs

Day 7:  Aigrefeuille-d'Aunis – Sainte-Cécile
Speedometer didn't work because of the rain so these are estimates
Time: 5 or 6 hours
Distance: 100km (maybe more)
Average Speed 19 km/h

It started raining at about 4am but luckily my tent held the rain out so I slept pretty well. I stayed in my tent all morning hoping the rain would stop but it was relentless. I put everything into plastic bags and packed up my panniers. French people on the street, baguette in hand, smiled as I passed (The "he's an idiot for cycling in the pisses of rain" smile). I decided to make Nantes a 2 day trip so I had no idea where I would stay tonight. On the way I stopped for lunch at a chipper van (roast chicken and chips). I stopped at a tourist office later to find a B&B or hostel for the night since my tent was soaked and it was still raining. After almost an hour and with no success booking somewhere I proceeded on and decided to knock on hotel doors later in the day when the time came for sleep. To my surprise the sun came out so I stopped at a roadside bakery for croissants and coffee while my tent dried hung over a wall outside. I camped tonight in Sainte-Cécile and I'm typing this in the laundry room. It's the nearest building to the wifi box and my laptop battery is kaput so I need to plug it in every time I use it.

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