Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Europe's Most Liveable City

Day 8: Sainte-Cécile – Nantes
Time: 4:19:56
Distance: 75.74km
Average Speed 17.4 km/h

Since this trip started I've been eating Muesli most mornings. I buy a litre of milk in the evenings, drink half and then in the morning do this:

It rained again last night so I dried my tent in the morning sun before doing the 70km to Nantes "the most liveable city in Europe" (Time Magazine, 2004). On the way I stopped in Montaigu to eat cake in a bakery.
I arrived in Nantes at about 4 and went to the tourist office to find a hostel. The 1st one that they recommended was boarded up so I tried the other, the overpriced Auberge de la Manu. I spent the evening cycling around the cobbled streets of the city looking at nice buildings I didn't know the names of. After 10 seconds on the cobbles I'm having problems. I don't know how the pros can do 50km on cobbles in Paris-Roubaix. I found a Delerium bar (same company as the bar in Brussels with over 2000 beers) but it is closed until August 16th. So instead I went to La Maison. Another place with Belgian beer but with a house of the 1970's decoration.

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